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Insurance Agent Voicemail Script

Last Updated: January 28, 2022

If you are an insurance agent and want to generate more leads, then it is important that you have a good voicemail script. Voicemail is as powerful a tool as other insurtech (insurance technology) Tools. The purpose of your voicemail script should be to provide the caller with information about what they can expect in a live conversation if they choose to call back. Your opening sentence needs to be enticing so that people will actually listen.


Five Tips to Improve your Voicemail Scripts  

Use the First Name of the Receiver 

When cold calling, it’s important to use the prospect’s first name in your voicemail scripts. You’ll be more likely to get a return call if you do so and may find yourself speaking with someone much sooner than anticipated! Voicemails should sound professional so make sure not only do we use proper grammar when writing out these messages but also pay attention to the tone levels of speech patterns. 

Quick Call 

The goal is to make a quick call, not an in-depth one. The voicemail should only last about 20 seconds and include your name, contact information (including phone number), as well as a brief message explaining what type of business you’re calling regarding. Moreover, It also allows independent insurance brokerage to determine strategies that will generate potential clients. Don’t ramble on or read from the beginning when leaving this kind of cold call – just bow out after stating who it’s for! 

Add Some Urgency 

According to Salesshacker, leaving a compelling voicemail message script enhances the likelihood of a callback. You can add urgency to your voicemail scripts by telling the prospect that you’re calling to schedule a meeting and if they don’t call back, someone else will. 

Give your Business a Personality 

You're not the only person leaving cold calling voicemails, but you can set yourself apart by adding some personal touches to yours. Whether it's incorporating humor or serious facts about your company (or both), the more memorable and unique you make things seem, the higher chance of getting people interested in what you have. Additionally, have a quick read on why are insurance agents so pushy. 

 Be Flexible with your Voicemail 

Your voicemails script should be changed daily if possible. You never know what will work and won't, so it's important to stay on top of things by switching up the script each time you get a chance. Be sure not to go overboard though - there is such thing as too much variety! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you introduce yourself in a voicemail?

Introduce yourself at the start of each voicemail so that the person or business knows who is calling right away. You should provide your entire name as well as the name of your organization.

Q. When leaving a voicemail message do you just hang up?

Hanging up after leaving a voicemail broadcasts it. The way it works is that following the beep, the automated system on the other end begins capturing all of your input into an audio file. The audio file is subsequently registered for the intended recipient as a new "voicemail."

Q. What should a professional voicemail greeting say?

1. [Your name] has been contacted at [your company]

2. Thank you for taking the time to call.

3. Hello, [your name] here at [your company]

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