Best E&O insurance for insurance agents in regards to Insurtech

Why is best e&o insurance for insurance agents important? Errors and omissions insurance safeguards professionals from failure to perform their duties. You know how damaging a court dispute can be as an insurance professional. That’s why errors and omissions insurance, can shield your company from such accusations by covering legal costs.

Since we all know, as technology advances, markets come up with new ways to improve their workflow and better communicate with clients. Insurtech in Smyrna, meanwhile, has been focusing on and prioritizing technology to stay competitive.

According to Investopedia, Insurtech or insurance technology refers to technological innovations designed to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current insurance industry model.

2021 Trends in Insurtech for E&O Insurance Agents

Smart Contracts

Lines of code that are kept on a blockchain are known as smart contracts. When specific preset criteria are met, these contracts are capable of executing or enforcing themselves. By the end of 2023, the market for smart contracts estimates to be worth $300 million. Smart contracts can help the insurance industry because they may mimic formal legal agreements while also improving security and transparency. Furthermore, businesses will save time processing paperwork and rectifying inaccuracies in written documentation because these contracts are automated. Furthermore, learn more about what insurance do i need to sell food from home.

best e&o insurance for insurance agents

Data-driven insurance

Even though data has always driven insurance, new technology means that insurers are more likely to gain big data through insurtech. Companies can customize insurance policies, reduce risks, and improve the accuracy of their calculations by leveraging essential data insights. Furthermore, these data help independent insurance agents or captive agent to offer clients discounts with membership plans. Moreover, here are some examples of how insurance companies are utilizing big data:

Getting a better understanding of customer healthcare – Medical insurance firms are using big data to improve acute and preventive care recommendations.

Shaping policyholder behavior – IoT devices that monitor household risk assist insurers in shaping policyholder behavior.

Pricing — By comparing user behavior to a broader pool of data, companies leverage big data to precisely price each policyholder.

Insurtech for E&O Insurance Agents: Gamification

Gamification is proving to be an intriguing and viable method that will likely gain in popularity in 2021. It entails enhancing the digital customer experience by including traditional game aspects such as collecting rewards, bonuses, and clearing levels. Gamification has shown potential in terms of improving customer engagement and loyalty. For example, thanks to a digital game built by the firm, an Italian insurance producer had a 57 percent increase in consumers (entering the loyalty program).

Robotic and cognitive automation (R&CA)

The two extremities of the intelligent automation spectrum are robotic process automation (RPA) and cognitive automation (CA). RPA, which uses easily programmable software bots to execute simple tasks, is on one extreme spectrum. Cognitive automation, on the other hand, is capable of simulating human cognition and activity. Furthermore, these technologies offer a helping hand to insurance agents to obtain accredited advisor in insurance also known as AAI designation.


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