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Why Us?

Take Charge of Your Business.

With a guaranteed book buyout, you can earn up to 95% commission splits. There are no expensive franchise fees.

No Back-End Work

We understand how valuable your time is. You won't have to worry about the back-end work once you've joined us because we'll take care of it.

A Single Portal to Run Your Whole Business

Get immediate quotations from over 80+ carriers to simplify your workflow.

No Servicing to Worry About

We will take care of your servicing and post-sales so you can concentrate solely on selling.


About Us.

We created this website with the goal of assisting aspiring professionals who want to pursue a career in insurance. We understand how difficult it can be to make the transition from a college education to working in the professional world. The goal of creating and sharing informative content connected to the insurance sector was to assist people to understand more about insurance.


Easy, simple, and hassle-free, which has allowed me to concentrate solely on selling.

Peter Strauss 

Never imagined selling insurance could be so simple. Good work. Great Commission

John Sommer

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